• How to choose the frequency of induction heating machine

    1. For hardening, hardening depth is deeper, the frequency of induction machine is lower; hardening depth is shallow, the frequency of induction machine is higher. Hardening depth: 0-1.5mm         40-50KHz (High frequency, Ultrasonic frequency machine)  Hardening depth: 1.5-2mm         20-25KHz ...
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  • Energy Consumption Comparison of Different Circuits Used in Medium Frequency (MF) Induction Heating System for forging

    Written by Mr. Zeng xiaolin from CHENGDU DUOLIN ELECTRIC CO., LTD This article analyzes the disadvantages of current SCR MF Induction Heating System and introduces a new type of MF Induction Heating System for forging with IGBT power devices. It is Series Resonant Circuit with features of signifi...
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  • Semiconductor and Technology Used in Our Machine

    Semiconductor and Technology Used in Our Machine 1. Power Semiconductor Devices Used in Our Products ●MOSFET Characteristics: operating at high frequency, low switching losses and easy to drive ●IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) Characteristics: much lower conducti...
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  • Coil making principles

    Coil making principles

    The heating effect of the workpiece not only depends on the power of the power supply, but also with the shape of the induction coil, the number of turns, the length of the copper tube, the workpiece material. Shape and other factors are directly related to the equipmen...
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  • Operation Caution for Unused Equipment (More than Half year)

    Operation Caution for Unused Equipment (More than Half year)

    1.After connecting the water cable of power unit and induction furnace. Check for leaks of power unit, induction furnace or transformer. If there is no leakage, keep water flow at least 30 min 2.Check the connection of the control board, drive board, power board etc. in power unit, and make sure ...
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